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Encyclopaedic summary at : 

(Patent USA  6,164,263 -  See the USPTO data base  or 8pagesQTPatent.pdf

Quasiturbina, QurbQuasiturbino, Quasiturbina, Quaseturbina, Quaziturbine,
Casiturbina, Cuasiturbina, Kasiturbine, Квазитурбина, Kvaziturbina, ×¼ÎÐÂÖ

Definition : The Quasiturbine (Qurbine) is a no crankshaft rotary engine
having a 4 faces articulated rotor with a free and accessible centre,
rotating without vibration nor dead time,
and producing a strong torque at low RPM under a variety of modes and fuels.
The Quasiturbine is also an optimization theory
for extremely compact and efficient engine concepts.

See the difference with the Wankel at :

QUASITURBINE ... is an engine CONCEPTS optimization theory

The Quasiturbine theory optimizes 
the use of time by eliminating dead times,
reallocating time among the different 
engine strokes and replacing the 
progressive torque impulses 
with impulse plateaus.
This theory concurrently takes advantage 
of space by adopting multi-functional 
and homo-kinetic engine components 
which are indispensable 
at all times during rotation, 
and demands continuous flow 
at the engine's intake and exhaust.
This theory optimized 
14 engine parameters at once 
and suggest pressure profiles 
allowing the photodetonation.
See :
A 292 pages book in French 
with English summary and patent

The photodetonation (Auto Ignition) occurs at 
slightly higher pressure than the thermal ignition 
designated in the US as "Homogeneous-Charge Compression-Ignition" HCCI combustion,
in Europe as "Controled Auto Ignition" 
CAI combustion, and in Japan as 
"Active Thermo-Atmosphere" ATA combustion.
...the efficiency at low load factor of the 
photo-detonation engine is twice 
that of the conventional Otto cycle, 

and considering that the load factor of a car 
is in average of about 10 to 15%, 
this is not a small difference...
Even if the subject passionate the researchers, 
the thermic and photonic ignition control 
in the piston is still an unsolved problem, 
and possibly a dead-end ... 
that the Quasiturbine does overcome! See : 

The problematic of performing engine


... is also a family of devices fulfilling this theory

Each Quasiturbine device 
is at the crossroad 
of the 3 modern engines :
Inspired by the turbine, 
it perfects the piston, 
and improves on the Wankel.

Qtv2-SCAnim2.gif (70956 bytes)
Click on photo for details
The Quasiturbine is a continuous 
flow engine at intake and exhaust.
An engine's piston completes 4 strokes in 
two rotations, the Quasiturbine completes 32 !

High torque, low RPM, zero vibration, 
potentially oil free, fast acceleration, 
20 times less noise, less pollution, 
and high power density (a factor of 4) 
in volume and weight

Engine for hydraulic, pneumatic, 
steam (solar), gasoline, diesel, 
Jet fuel, natural gas,
... photo-detonation mode 
and hydrogen compatible.
Otto, Diesel, Stirling and heat pump
Brayton (Joule)
and implosive Brown gas...

Compressor, pump or turbo-pump  
without any check valve or obstruction




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To join APUQ 
For the Coalition Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Quasiturbine posters for your events

March 2003 - MIT study says :
Improving gasoline and diesel engines is the way to go !
Hydrogen car is no environmental panacea.

The hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will not be better
in terms of total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.
If we need to curb greenhouse gases,
improving mainstream gasoline and diesel engines is the way to go.
These results come from an assessment of a variety
of engine and fuel technologies forecasting no real 'breakthroughs'
(The Quasiturbine having been excluded from the study). 

With our OTTO mode piston engine, about half the gasoline used in the
transportation sector is literally wasted to fight the intake atmospheric vacuum depression
generated by the carburetor or injector manifold butterfly-valve (The engine-braking effect).
This is half the pollution of the transportation activities !
See how the photo-detonation Quasiturbine can save this amount of fuel.

The best harmonization technology between
* Energy * Fossil fuels * Electricity * Transportation * Environment * Economic Development *
A part of the Kyoto protocol solution

The Qurbine : An environmentally friendly engine !
qtAlurotorWeb.jpg (11969 bytes)
QT-AC (With carriages) is intended for photo-detonation mode,
where high surface-to-volume ratio is a factor attenuating the violence of detonation.


Links2Go Key Resource Award July 2000

November 2001 - Web site of the Month of the International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

4 first prizes at the Québec 2001 entreprenership contest : The Quasiturbine zero pollution nitrogen motorcycle !

The TV-report on Quasiturbine at Découverte de Radio-Canada is selected for the  2001 ROBERVAL AWARD 

The Quasiturbine is winner - Environment Section - of Forces Avenir 2002 Awards 
Motorcycle Quasiturbine-Rimous at Collège de Rimouski  

        The Quasiturbine is winner - section R&D - of the Énergia 2002 Awards
of the AQMÉ - Association Québécoise pour la Maîtrise de l'Énergie

Nominee "PRIX EFFICACITÉ ÉNERGÉTIQUE ÎLE DE MONTRÉAL 2003" of the Forum Efficacité Énergétique. 

The QUASITURBINE has been designated the "21st century engine" by the following magazines :

European Automotive Design
EAD1OrigNetVignet.JPG (3080 bytes) EAD2OrigNetVignet.JPG (3107 bytes) EAD3OrigNetVignet.JPG (3048 bytes)

Eureka Innovative engineering
Eureka1NetVignet.JPG (4005 bytes) Eureka2NetVignet.JPG (4034 bytes) Eureka3NetVignet.JPG (4018 bytes)

L'Écho du Transport
LEchoTrans0004p1Vig.jpg (4054 bytes) LEchoTrans0004p2Vig.jpg (4249 bytes) LEchoTrans0004p3Vig.jpg (4056 bytes)

"MCN Motorcycle" magazine (also in Russian)
MCNMoto000506VigNet2.jpg (4120 bytes) MCNMoto000506VigNet3.jpg (4102 bytes) MCNMoto000506RusseVigNet.jpg (5001 bytes)

Diesel Progress - North American Edition
Diesel0004CouvVig.JPG (4405 bytes) Diesel0001BWNet1Vig.GIF (2659 bytes) Diesel0001BWNet2Vig.GIF (1863 bytes)

Auto Motor und Sport   Greek edition
TECHNIK0004p1Vig.jpg (5028 bytes) TECHNIK0004p2Vig.jpg (4082 bytes) TECHNIK0004p3Vig.jpg (3118 bytes)

PT Industrie Netherland

Defence Systems Daily
(Quasiturbine military applications)

Legendes et Moteurs - MotorLegend France

To watch in 2002 - According to The Montréal Gazette 

Le Magazine L'AUTOMOBILE - Canada

Le Magazine La Maison du 21è siècle - Québec

GHG Alberta Solutions Showcase Newsletter

Synthesis paper in "La maîtrise de l'énergie" de AQMÉ

OTPQ - Ordre des Technologues Professionnels

Vision Engineer - Imperial College - London U.K.

Le Magazine Québec Science

Book : Le syndrome colonial

eMOTION! A White Paper on the Quasiturbine technology
Quantum Parallel
: The Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine"
As The Basis For A Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Amidst myriad, and many times unsupportable, claims of technological breakthroughs capable -- fuel cells being at the top of this contention --of inducing vehicular design and engineering paradigm shifts, we have concluded that the Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine" may very well provide impetus to retire the piston engine.  It has served humanity for nearly two centuries, and has earned its rest.  eMOTION! is providing a comprehensive white paper that will perhaps allow you to reach the same conclusion...

September 30th, 2004 - Presentation at the
Global Powertrain Conference (GPC)

in Dearborn, Michigan USA


GizMag - Automotive

Membrana Magazine Russia

October 28, 2004 - WORLD PREMIÈRE

Jean-Luc Mongrain meet with the reporter Jean Lajoie (in French)

Video at :

Presented to more than 500 engine
experts world wide at the SAE
(Society of Automotive Engineers)
Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition (SAE-SETC) Wisconsin USA
September 28-30, 1999

SAEWiscProg99Vignet.JPG (6002 bytes)

For other articles
and reviews,

see section :

News and Press Review

To listen back the Radio Programs Quasiturbine Radio

On TV at DÉCOUVERTE on CBC-Canadian Broadcasting Corp., April 2000

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11 juin 2002 - DÉBATS DE L'ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE du Québec,
Question Quasiturbine soulevée par le député de Verdun, M. Henri-François Gautrin

Downloadable video : 
Complete file : 

About 2 years after député Gautrin intervention at the Assemblée Nationale du Québec
a second intervention driven by the same député
and read by the député of Roberval, M. Karl Blackburn is intitle :
4 juin 2004 - Dépôt de la pétition Quasiturbine de la Coalition CRPDQ
à l'Assemblée Nationale du Québec

Dépôt de la pétition du CRPDQ - Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean
Details and video at :



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VIDEO 1998

video4.jpg (4396 bytes)

For a look at the Quasiturbine in Virtual Reality (Vrml)

( See also Synthesis paper in "La maîtrise de l'énergie" de AQMÉ and the Popularized 2000 in French) While most rotary engines use the principle of volume variation between a curve and a moving cord, this new engine concept makes use of a "seven degrees of freedom  X, Y, q, ø1, ø2, ø3, ø4" rotor, trapped inside an internal housing contour, and does not require a central shaft or support. This concept is the result of research for an hybrid turbine-piston engine with a fixed center of gravity during rotation (zero vibration). The invention is an assembly of four carriages supporting the pivots of a four-element, variable-shape rotor. This rotor rolls on the inner surface of a profiled stator shaped like a skating rink (just like a roller bearing). During the rotation, the rotor components align alternatively in a lozenge and a square configuration. This device can act as a pump, a compressor, a flow meter, or as an engine (including pressurized fluid mechanical energy converter). It is self-synchronized and uses no valves (only fixed ports in the stator or alternatively, ports on the lateral side covers). Central support of the rotor is not required for most applications. Four cycles are completed in every rotation. The maximum geometrical compression ratio is a function of the maximum diagonal ratio selected at design. As for turbine engines, ignition is only required initially, since combustion is kept continuous between successive cycles by way of an ignition transfer slot or cavity. The continuous combustion produces an enhanced dynamic compression ratio. The device incorporates few parts. It has an excellent torque continuity even at low rpm (Due to its high torque pulsation rate, this device requires less flywheel effect and gearbox ratio for most applications). It is suitable for uses such as aeronautics, where high reliability is required. Having no oil pan, it can be operated in completely submerged or hostile environments. The asymmetry of the strokes and the precocity of the mixture intake and gas expansion (without excess volume during expansion) allow for a better initial mechanical energy conversion. A fast reduction in the combustion chamber of the temperature, the pressure and the confinement time leads to less NOx production, and less heat transfer toward the engine block, all contributing to improve the power density and the efficiency over the piston engine. The Quasiturbine meets the hydrogen engine criteria.

See also the White Paper on the Quasiturbine Technology at :

For a "short course" in understanding the principles of Quasiturbine design and performance

The Quasiturbine is universal in relation to energy sources :
Liquid and gaseous fuel, hydrogen, steam, pneumatic, hydraulic...

Click here for a 2000 pixels high resolution image 

QTComparIndicE.gif (5116 bytes)

What would be the size of a 4000 HP Quasiturbine ? 
Here is the theoretical steam case at 33 bars (500 psi) differential pressure
at 1800 RPM without any gearbox 
(This high power regime is not particularly efficient, even if it can be maintained in continuous operation)
(The extrapolation does not guaranty that the steam flow will permit to reach 1800 RPM for the larger units) :
Notice that in 4 strokes internal combustion mode, 
the Quasiturbine power is about 1/8 of the one indicated, increasing with the maximum RPM.
In practice, divide the torque and power by 2 to account for the form factor would provide more realistic results.

Shaft Power Rotor diameter Rotor thickness
50 kW (70 HP)

0,4 MW (530 HP)

3 MW (4 000 HP)

25 MW (33 000 HP)

200 MW (260 000 HP)

13 cm (5 inches)

25 cm (10 inches)

 53 cm (21 inches)

1 m (3,5 feet)

2 m (7 feet)

5 cm (2 inches)

10 cm (4 inches)

20 cm (8 inches)

41 cm (16 inches)

82 cm (32 inches)



To find out 
more :


La Quasiturbine

A 292 pages book
in French on engines,
their secrets
and improvements


The problematic of modern engine: 
... toward the photo-detonation Quasiturbine

Why is the Quasiturbine (Qurbine)
so exceptional ?

Why is the Quasiturbine
superior to the piston engines ?

Why is the Quasiturbine
not a Wankel's type engine ?

Why is the Quasiturbine 
superior to conventional turbine ?

Why is the Quasiturbine revolutionizing
the use of steam and solar energy ?

Why is the Quasiturbine
a superior engine for vehicles ?

The  natural gas Quasiturbine

The hydrogen Quasiturbine

Quasiturbine Pneumatic
and Fuel cell :
A perfect Match ! 

The Quasiturbine as
Stirling engine and Heat Pump

Comparative efficiency
with other engines

QTDiag1VignetTrans.gif (9572 bytes)
Technical characteristics :
Torque, power and consumption
Canada and U.S.A
Basic drawings and photos
of the prototype
Quasiturbine value for the
Marketing :
Detail analysis
Become a
co-manufacturer partner ?
Tronçonneuse QT Inc. :
A business to create (in French)
News and Press Review
About the authors Leave a comment





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Conference / Demonstration / Training ?
Details at

Pour voir une Quasiturbine en action, n'oubliez pas les conférences - démonstrations de M. Saint-Hilaire :
- À Rouen-Noranda le 25 mars 2004 à 19:30 h, à la Salle à Usages Multiples du Cegep Abitibi-Téniscamingue.
- À Val-d'Or le 26 mars 2004 à 17:30 h, à la Polyvalente Le Carrefour.
L'objectif de la visite régionale est d'identifier un produit pneumatique pour l'industrie minière, et de le manufacturer éventuellement...
Contacter : M. Daniel Lacroix,  (819) 762-0931p1344



Gau1.jpg (8845 bytes)Chainsaw project  :

Chainsaw investors
interest survey

Pneumatic - Steam - Hydraulic

Saturated Steam Engine
 Nuclear steam applications

    Pneumatic Air engine
Compressed air car (Pneumatic vehicle)

Pump or turbo-pump 

Hydraulic Motor and Hydroelectric Motor 


Military Jet-A or Diesel fuel
application engine

qtAssemble805com.JPG (5894 bytes)


CQIA - Centre Quasiturbine  
d'intégration automobile -
Boisbriand Québec ?

Formula QT Racing Car for Indy Cart and Formula 1 - F1


Multi-fuel airplane engine:
ULM, propeller, Turbo-prop, Turbo-fan, Turbo-reactor


After more than two years, the exposition is now over :
The 1997 Quasiturbine chain saw prototype is presented in a showcase near the IMAX entrance at the 
Centre des Sciences du Vieux Port de Montréal


The Quasiturbine as an environmental solution,
directly on the Industry Canada (government) website at :

The CQRDA (Centre Québécois de Recherche et de Développement de l'Aluminium)
has been one of the supporters in 1997-98 for the purpose of building a
<Demonstration Quasiturbine chainsaw>.

L'École de design industriel de la Faculté d'aménagement de l'Université de Montréal
has selected the <Quasiturbine Chainsaw> project, as final year student research study 1998-99.

The CEIM (Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal)
has agreed to incubate the <Quasiturbine Chainsaw> project for 1999.

The IRH (Quebec Research Institut on Hydrogen - UQTR) is helping
to create interest in the Quasiturbine as an hydrogen aspirated engine.

The HEC (École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal)
is helping with an analysis of chainsaw production economics and a business plan.

The Sorel-Tracy CEGEP department of mechanical engineering techniques
is contributing to the development of an intermediate scale
manufacturing process for steam Quasiturbine engine components.

The Cegep de Rimouski is developing a "zero pollution" demonstration motorcycle
powered by a liquid nitrogen fueled Quasiturbine engine .
4 first prizes at the Québec 2001 entreprenership contest 
Concours Force Avenir

The Cegeps of Vieux Montréal and of Saint-Laurent are contributing to QT50 parts fabrication.

The Cegep of Saint-Jean sur Richelieu is contributing to QT75 parts fabrication.

The département de génie mécanique de l'École Polytechnique de l'Université de Montréal
contribute to the QT400 market study intended for ULM applications (Ultra Light airplane).

DOE-NREL is presently initiating a simulation for 6 Quasiturbine vehicle concepts, as example shown at :

Thanks to Air Liquide Canada for sponsoring the pneumatic nitrogen demonstrations. 

The most important world invention convention: 
Le Salon International des Inventions, des Techniques et Produits de Genève (Suisse) 
is promoting the Quasiturbine technology at: 

nature-386299aa-w200.jpg (8208 bytes)

Mr.Alan Marr's page on rotary engines

Mr. Alan Marr reminds us that : Nature always does it first !
The F1-ATPase enzyme has a tiny structure 10x10x8 nm that is analogous to a rotary engine block, and a drive shaft. It rotates at 30 to 240 rpm. The "block" is based on a triangular arrangement of three subunits. 
More reference on his site.

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“Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable” - J F Kennedy



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