QUASITURBINE in Virtual Reality
This page require a Vrml "Virtual Reality Meta Language" browser
Recommended mainly to advanced Internet users with a fast 3D accelerated computer

In order to use VRML97 "Virtual Reality Meta Language", your browser needs the Cosmos Software Vrml plug-in (see below)
Vrml allows users to experience in real time a 3 dimensional viewing of the Quasiturbine in action.
Camera can be moved to any angle in 3D space while the Quasiturbine un running.

VRML97, Animated
4 cameras
Compressed 72k

VRML97, Animated
4 cameras
Compressed 155k

VRML97, Static
3 cameras
Compressed 57k

You can download the VRML plug-in from :

Cosmo Software
VRML plug-in for Netscape and Internet Explorer
Windows 3.1, Windows 95-98-2000, Macintosh
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