The Quasiturbine as an environmental solution ,
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Devoir et responsabilité écologique des professionnels et dirigeants
En ces temps de dérèglement climatique planétaire,
la lutte à la pollution est devenu un devoir pour chacun,
mais plus particulièrement pour les dirigeants et environnementalistes professionnels
au service de la population en général,
lesquels ne peuvent se défiler de leur obligation de répertorier, d'évaluer,
et de promouvoir les technologies susceptibles de réduire la pollution,
sous peine d'être aussi coupable que les pollueurs eux-mêmes.

Fuel combustion engines create great environment concerns.
The environmentally friendly Quasiturbine engine helps substantially in several ways :

- Fuel depletion - Using a new thermodynamic cycle with a shorter and asymmetric pressure pulse, this engine is more fuel efficient.

- Atmospheric gas pollution - Having a reduced combustion confinement time, NOx are much less generated in the Quasiturbine.

- Thermal pollution - Having an early mechanical extraction capability, less thermal energy is throughout in the environment.

- Noise pollution - Having 4 combustions per rotation, and due to a longer gas expansion chamber, noise is reduced by a factor 20 or more !

- Vibration pollution - Vibrations are responsible for billions of $ of breakdown damages everywhere. Dr. Raynaud vibration syndrome
is affecting thousands wood workers and truck drivers. The Quasiturbine is a vibration free engine.

- Oil free engine - Lubrication is source of pollution. The Quasiturbine has potential to be an oil free engine.

- Photo detonation compatible - Unlike the piston engine, chemists like the photo-combustion, because it is faster and more complete.
Short pressure pulse and fast pressure rising time characteristics make the Quasiturbine ideal for photo-detonation mode. This is the most important Quasiturbine revolution designated in the US as "Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition" HCCI combustion, in Europe as "Controlled Auto Ignition" CAI combustion, and in Japan as "Active Thermo Atmosphere" ATA combustion

- Steam and pneumatic power source - Where pollution free engine is suitable, Quasiturbine is a perfect and efficient gas expansion engine.
Quasiturbine is also suitable for co-generation projects.

- The Quasiturbine engine is ideal for solar thermal station using close liquid-vapor circuit.

- Hydrogen compatible - Hydrogen fragilises steel, and degrades all oils. The Quasiturbine has a cool and stratified intake area most suitable for pure hydrogen engine (lubricant free) combustion.

Note that since March 2000 - Industry Canada and the CEIA (Canadian Environment Industry Association) are introducing the Quasiturbine in the CES (Canadian Environmental Solutions) database. CES is an award winning multi-media CD-ROM database translated into English, French, Spanish and Polish, which was released at the Globe 2000 Conference in Vancouver on March 22-24 2000. CDN or USA. .

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