Why is the Quasiturbine revolutionizing
the use of steam and solar energy ?

... and use of pressurized gases ?


... No more need for very high pressure steam to be efficient!
The conventional steam turbines require very high pressure 
in order to generate the high flow speed permitting the turbine to be efficient.
This is not the case with the Quasiturbine which is very efficient 
at all pressures, all load levels and all RPM,
and can produce substantial power 
with sustained intake pressure as low as 20 à 50 lb/po2 and at only 1800 RPM.
In those two cases however, the super-heated steam increases the efficiency of the steam cycle,
and the lower pressure operation may lead to larger equipments for the same power...
The Quasiturbine greatly reduces the station construction and operation cost,
improves substantially the risk and safety level, 
and reduces the law constraints and the qualification needed from the employees.

Furthermore, not every one has access to petroleum product.
Steam can be produced by the combustion of all sorts of raw material
(coal, wood, farming residues, geothermal ...),
but also and more intelligently by simple 
solar concentrators
(cylindrical or parabolic) !

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