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Quasiturbine Tronçonneuses Inc. is a company autorised to developed, manufacture, and market a Quasiturbine chainsaw according to a privileged supply agreement in Quasiturbine blades under license.

A pneumatic engine alternative (running from pressure air bottle regulated to 300 psi) allows for "all condition" running chainsaw
for the fireman and national safety teams. Does run in heavy smoke or under water as well ! A must for all civil defense organization ...

Starting from this functional unit : qtgroupeqtzv1WEB.jpg (10039 bytes)

The Quasiturbine chainsaw design analysis has been executed by l'École de Design de la Faculté d'Aménagement de l'Université de Montréal between September 1998 and April 1999.

The research and the dummy elements have been done by the designer Daniel Demey , under the supervision by Mr. Albert Leclerc (Directeur) and Mr. Jean-François Jacques (Professeur).

Here is a mosaic of the components which have been studied :

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Model under development, not yet available on the market.

are available at this time.

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Quasiturbine Tronçonneuses Inc.
Casier 2804, 3535 Ave Papineau, Montréal Québec H2K 4J9 CANADA (514) 527-8484 Fax (514) 527-9530
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