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It is difficult not-to-be-technical about the Quasiturbine Technology...
This section refers to short technical pages by the Quasiturbine research group,
mainly intended for researchers and technical experts.

Quasiturbine Technical Notes


Engine problematic

Quasiturbine comparative engine efficiency

Methodology of engine integration to a rolling frame (in French)

Quasiturbine - SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Presentation
in Sept. 1999 at the Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition
(SAE-SETC), Wisconsin, USA

Quasiturbine FAQ

Why is the Quasiturbine so exceptional?

Why is Quasiturbine not a Wankel engine?

Why is the Quasiturbine superior to the piston engines?

Why is the Quasiturbine superior to conventional turbine?

Why is the Quasiturbine revolutionizing the use of steam and solar energy?

Why is the Quasiturbine a superior engine for vehicles?

Potential Applications

The natural gas and the Quasiturbine

The hydrogen and the Quasiturbine

Quasiturbine Pneumatic Engine

Quasiturbine Compressors

Quasiturbine Pump and Turbo-pump

Quasiturbine hydraulic motor and hydroelectric motor (in French)

The Quasiturbine as Stirling engine and Heat Pump

Quasiturbine Jet-A or Diesel fuel military engine

Quasiturbine Aviation - Multi-fuel air-cooled ultra-light engine

Saturated Steam Quasiturbine Engine

Quasiturbine for nuclear steam, nuclear power and nuclear electricity
Power plants, ships or submarines!

Quasiturbine Pneumatic and Fuel cell : A perfect match!

Compressed Air Car with Quasiturbine Pneumatic Engine (Air motor)

Quasiturbine Projects

Quasiturbine Chainsaw Design

Quasiturbine Chainsaw Survey

Snowmobile proposal from Montreal Polytechnique students (in French) quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/PolyMotoneige0203.html

ULM Plane proposal from Montreal Polytechnique students(in French)

October 28, 2004 -WORLD PREMIÈRE

Video: quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/QTVideoTQS/QT-TQS.htm

Boisbriand, Québec - CQIA -
Centre Quasiturbine d'intégration automobile (in French)

"FORMULA QT" - Quasiturbine Racing Car
(For circuits with Indy, CART series and Formula 1 - F1)

Historical Photos - Quasiturbine AC

Quasiturbine QT50AC - Basic drawings and photos of prototype.

Quasiturbine QT50AC : Calculated torque, power and consumption.


Quasiturbine Technical Papers