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Shame the bureaucrat's and the politician's...
A man in the right place at the wrong time!
( Before it's time by 100 years! )

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In point of fact, we should really get our heads together, dear Reader, try to think of way in which we could shame the bureaucrat's and the politician's into doing something for this man - For Us! Mind you, there are vested interests at work here. All those motor factors will not like the million-mile engine. Come to think of it neither will the motor manufacturers. Imagine, if the bearings are million-mile life, how many new cars are they going to sell in the year? Maybe that is what he is fighting.

Anyway, first the 'brief'. Gilles Saint-Hilaire versus the Motor Industry and associated interested parties. - The evidence for the plaintiff. Extract: That thin man called Saint-Hilaire invented an engine that was so good, nobody wanted it. It would have saved too much carbon fuels, cut carbon-dioxide emissions by ?0 % global, and was a generally great idea for engine life, but before it's time by 100 years!

What is this engine? It is the best harmonization of current technology in design and advanced metallurgy between its component design paradigms. Energy resource preservation, Low consumption of depleted Fossil fuels, Highly economic provision of the static power plants (running on sewerage farm gasses) for the static generation of megawatts of power 24/365 at the lowest capital and running cost yet conceived, with this engine the empty promise of cheap electricity, made by the atomic power lobby, may at last be even bettered. With the ultimate development of this engine in a multiple unit format there could one day be almost free running transportation on road and rail. This engine with a wide spectrum of fuel options and resulting lower emissions can only add to the improvement of the environment. The potential economic options and development opportunities presented by this engine are the first development of, and from the original internal combustion engine design in over 100 years. This engine is 16% more efficient by the very nature of taking away the initial energy produced which is absorbed by the pistons before reaching the crankshaft. This engine in in-line with part of the Kyoto protocol expectations and solutions for the future of the Motor/Automobile. Static internal combustion engine and any other form of fuel driven engine. What is this engine? It is THE QUASITURBINE ZERO VIBRATION - CONTINUOUS COMBUSTION ROTARY ENGINE, COMPRESSOR AND PUMP (Patent USA 6,164,263).

The Quasiturbine is at the crossroad of the 3 modern engines: Inspired by the turbine, it perfects the piston, and improves on the Wankel. The Quasiturbine theory optimizes 14 engine parameters at once. The Quasiturbine is a continuous flow engine at intake and exhaust. It is the opposite of the piston engine, in that an engine's piston completes 4 strokes in two rotations, the Quasiturbine completes 32! Its advantages are simple - High torque, low RPM, zero vibration, potentially oil free, fast acceleration, 20 times less noise, less pollution, and high power density (a factor of 4) in volume and weight. Do we have your interest? Why not go and have a look at the engine website? The first thing is, the website is in three languages. ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS, ESPAGNOLA. It's got the whole story and more. Really, much more, including televisions programmes made concerning it. Those are easy to find if you follow through the website. If you want the quick route go there now. If you just want a quick look at the 'chainsaw' there is a short video also on this page.

So, why has it taken nearly 15 years to even get to the limited acceptance and global awareness? We wonder. Is there any activity at present on this project? Yes, but it is constricted and restricted from development and advancement. Just look at the last month of 2002 alone. It tells it's own story:

- May 2002 - Article published in GHG Alberta Solutions Showcase Newsletter "Ultra-low Emissions and High Engine Efficiency Fuel Interest In the Combined Cycle Quasiturbine" by Gilles Saint-Hilaire (Quasiturbine Agence Inc.) et George Marchetti (Maverick Combined Cycle Engines) 

- May 6, 2002 - No news, good news! (...not always). After 10 months, the MRST Ministère de la Recherche, Science et Technologie du Québec finally answers a grant request at .  
You will also find there a historical summary of the government help requests already turned down.

- June 9, 2002 - The governments and their institutions keep the Quasiturbine technology away from the World Conference on Energy Hydrogen (Montréal June 9-13th 2002) (see the project and correspondences at ) .  
La Quasiturbine présente des propriétés uniques à l'égard de l'hydrogène 
et les inventeurs ont concrètement invité le gouvernement du Québec à utiliser le livre "La Quasiturbine écologique" pour faire rayonner internationalement un exemple de l'ingéniosité et des aptitudes innovantes des québécois... The historical summary of the government help requests already turned down is at .

- June 11, 2002 - At the ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE du Québec - The Quasiturbine question is raised by the deputy de Verdun,
Mr. Henri-François Gautrin -

We seem to have asked you to take our word for the stifling of this extremely important technical development. Why not go and see what the trade magazines are saying about it. Yes, go see the magazine reads.

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