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Even if it is difficult not-to-be-technical about the Quasiturbine Technology,
non-technical references can be very meaningful and significant.
Here is a list of selected references the non-experts should appreciate...

Non-Technical References

Book about the Quasiturbine (In French - No English translation yet)

September 2006 - Quasiturbine: Unusual Engines - Turbine Tale by Brian Cowan in « Engine Technology International » magazine distributed to over 12,000 powertrain designers worldwide. The magazine hosts the annual International Engine of the Year award This magazine hold annually the Engine-Expo in Stuttgart Messe, Germany.

A White Paper on the Quasiturbine technology - Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine"  As The Basis For A Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems - Amidst myriad, and many times unsupportable, claims of technological breakthroughs capable -- fuel cells being at the top of this contention --of inducing vehicular design and engineering paradigm shifts, we have concluded that the Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine" may very well provide impetus to retire the piston engine.  It has served humanity for nearly two centuries, and has earned its rest.  eMOTION! REPORTS.com is providing a comprehensive white paper that will perhaps allow you to reach the same conclusion...

For a "short course" in understanding the principles of Quasiturbine design and performance: Mr.Marchetti correspondences

Quasiturbine Presentation to the Quebec Government, January 1st 2005 (In French) by APUQ

Quasiturbine Agenda Story

Quasiturbine In the medias

More Technical

Quasiturbine Notes

Papers about the Quasiturbine