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(Book in French - No English translation yet available)

The supremacy of the piston engines is challenged.
A book of 286 pages on engine concepts, their secrecies and improvements

La Quasiturbine écologique,
le meilleur du piston et de la turbine

by Roxan, Ylian, Dr Gilles et Françoise SAINT-HILAIRE

Includes 60 photos, diagrams and drawings;
a 3 pages summary in English; and the US patent specification in English
... with a dictionary, anyone can understand a lot... while learning some French!

A great educational gift idea!
(ISBN 2-922888-00-2, PROMCI Éditions, Montréal Québec editions@promci.qc.ca)

Abstract (English Translation)

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The Quasiturbine engine is at the crossroads of the three main modern engines. It is inspired by the turbine, it perfects the piston, and it improves upon the Wankel. Engine performance puts forth the challenge of the best possible use of time and space. The Quasiturbine theory optimizes the use of time by eliminating dead times; reallocating time among the different engine strokes and replacing the progressive torque impulses with impulse plateaus. This theory concurrently takes advantage of space by adopting multi-functional and homo-kinetic engine components which are indispensable at all times during rotation, and demands continuous flow at the engine’s intake and exhaust. The Quasiturbine simultaneously is a theory on engine optimization and is an apparatus (device) which perfectly reifies this theory. The name Quasiturbine, meaning almost turbine, comes from the fact that the instantaneous engine torque is almost constant, as is found in conventional turbines. This concept results from research aimed at making a hybrid piston-turbine engine; having an static center of mass or gravity during rotation resulting in zero vibration. The Quasiturbine theory is characterized by the following 14 embodiments.
... Continuation in the book...

A Challenging Book

The best harmonization technology between * Energy * Fossil Resources
* Electricity * Transportation * Environment * Economic Development *


Academic pneumatic Quasiturbine prototypes available for challenging projects...

Dr. Pierre Couture Comment

The Quasiturbine has incredible characteristics at first sight... Inventors gradually impose in this work a new vision of engines to which it is difficult to resist, and to which skepticism end-up making place to amazement...

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Table of Content

1 - Le cheminement inventif de la Famille Saint-Hilaire
2 - L’enjeu d’un moteur plus performant
3 - Le fonctionnement des moteurs et leurs défauts conceptuels
4 - Le moteur à pistons passé au peigne fin
5 - La théorie Quasiturbine pour un moteur à inventer
6 - Le dispositif Quasiturbine et sa construction
7 - Une rencontre parfaite avec la théorie optimisée
8 - En quoi la Quasiturbine se différencie-t-elle du Wankel?
9 - En quoi la Quasiturbine est–elle supérieure au moteur à pistons?
10 - Une révolution pour le pneumatique et la vapeur
11 - La Quasiturbine dans le secteur du transport
12 - Les usages de la Quasiturbine à privilégier
13 - La manufacturation et la mise en marché
14 - Les méthodes de calcul des caractéristiques techniques
15 - La Quasiturbine – Un moteur écologique attendu …

A - Revue de presse et faits saillants
B - Autres dessins et croquis
C - English abstract
D - Le brevet d’invention (en anglais)


Catalog Classification

Données de catalogage (Canada)
Vedette principale au titre : La Quasiturbine écologique, le meilleur du piston et de la turbine
Entête du titre : La suprématie des moteurs à pistons remise en cause…
Comprend un index.
Comprend du texte en anglais.
ISBN 2-922888-00-2
1. Moteurs à combustion interne. 
2. Moteurs à combustion interne – Conception et construction.
3. Turbines. 4. Moteurs rotatifs. 
I. Saint-Hilaire, Roxan.
TJ785.Q37 200X                 621.43              C200X-940487-5

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