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Les comptes-rendus réguliers
sont suspendus.

La « Quasiturbine » est maintenant une technologie en mouvement,
et les duplications d'explications et de rapports sont devenus inutiles...
Merci de votre intérêt.

Current reporting is suspended.
The « Quasiturbine » is now a technology in motion,
and there is no need anymore to duplicate explanations and reports...
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Thanks for your interest.


October 28, 2004

World Premiere - APUQ www.pureinvention.com/apuq GO-KART
Jean-Luc Mongrain meet with the reporter Jean Lajoie (in French)

Video : http://quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/QTVideoTQS/QT-TQS.htm

September 30, 2004

eMotion Quasiturbine White Paper Presentation at the
Global Powertrain Conference (GPC)

in Dearborn, Michigan USA   www.gpc-icpem.org


December 15, 2003

e MOTION! REPORTS.com A White Paper on the Quasiturbine technology
Quantum Parallel
: The Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine"
As The Basis For A Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Amidst myriad, and many times unsupportable, claims of technological breakthroughs capable -- fuel cells being at the top of this contention --of inducing vehicular design and engineering paradigm shifts, we have concluded that the Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine" may very well provide impetus to retire the piston engine.  It has served humanity for nearly two centuries, and has earned its rest.  eMOTION! REPORTS.com is providing a comprehensive white paper that will perhaps allow you to reach the same conclusion... by Myron D. Stokes of eMOTION! REPORTS.com  http://quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/QTEmotionReports0312.html


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