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You may like to inform others about this technology?
Here are some promo-samples to help you doing that...
Feel free to add comments and explanations in your own language...

Quasiturbine Promotional Material

The Logo

QTLogoProfilNet.gif (4248 bytes)

The outside profile is the Quasiturbine one. The color elements represent the 4 pivoting blades. If you bring attention to the internal rotor, you will also see 4 turbine impeller blades!

The Banner

QTBand-2F.GIF (3225 bytes)

The Posters

Quasiturbine posters for your events

The book

A 288 pages book on the Quasiturbine (In French)


Quasiturbine Medallion

A 5 pieces steel medallion (4 inches - 10 cm outside diameter by 1/8" thickness).

Decorative, but most useful for explaining the Quasiturbine...
Available from the editor. See: The book on Quasiturbine

More Technical