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Are you manufacturer of an engine products or in the market of pneumatic, steam or combustion engine? If volume justified, you could become a co-manufacturer, as you buy only the Quasiturbine rotors and make out the complete Quasiturbine engine for the agreed uses, markets and territory...


This is not primarly intended to start-up. Licensing is available in priority to qualified engine manufacturers willing to add Quasiturbine to their line of products. Quasiturbine Agence generally supplies the rotors and licenses the right to make engine complement for specific applications as it has developed it. To discuss licensing, please contact:

Gilles Saint-Hilaire, président
Quasiturbine Agence,
2804-3535 Ave Papineau,
Casier/Code/Porte 2804,
Montréal Québec H2K 4J9 CANADA
(514) 527-8484  

Quasiturbine Tronçonneuses

This is a manufacturer under a privileged QT-Rotors supply license agreement, of the present QuasiturbineQT.6LSC and QT5LSC research prototype series, which are not commercial products as yet... Later, some of these products may be transferred to other more appropriate manufacturers.


It would not be surprising if some early Quasiturbine supporters do request licensing in the future. Supporting is a wise way to get informed and familiarized thoroughly with the technology. Others are interested to take action in the Quasiturbine Technology context only by passion or for its environmental benefits.

Here is a short list of some of the early supporters, which have been following or participating in the Quasiturbine technology public assessment and promotion. Many are currently integrating Quasiturbine to applications...

APUQ - Association de Promotion des Usages de la Quasiturbine (French) promci.qc.ca/pureinvention/apuq 

Coalition CRPDQ Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (French) promci.qc.ca/pureinvention/crpdq

AFPUQ - Association Française de Promotion des Usages de la Quasiturbine (French) promci.qc.ca/pureinvention/afpuq

The "Quasiturbine as an environmental solution", a promotion on Industry Canada (government) website at : www.cleanenergy.gc.ca/canada/company_e.asp?item=2184

The CQRDA (Centre Québécois de Recherche et de Développement de l'Aluminium)
has been a supporter in 1997-98 for the purpose of building a Demonstration Quasiturbine Chainsaw.

L'École de design industriel de la Faculté d'aménagement de l'Université de Montréal has selected the Quasiturbine Chainsaw project as final year student research study in 1998-99. Contact Mr. Albert Leclerc.

The CEIM (Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal) has agreed to incubate the Quasiturbine Chainsaw project for 1999.

The IRH (Quebec Research Institut on Hydrogen - UQTR) is helping to create interest in the Quasiturbine as an hydrogen aspirated engine.

The HEC (École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal) has help with an analysis of chainsaw production economic and a business plan. Contact Mr. Federico Pasin.

The Sorel-Tracy CEGEP department of mechanical engineering techniques has contributed to the development of an intermediate scale manufacturing process for steam Quasiturbine engine components.

The Cegep de Rimouski has help with concept of integrating a Quasiturbine into a "zero pollution" demonstration motorcycle powered by a liquid nitrogen fueled Quasiturbine engine . 4 first prizes at the Québec 2001 entrepreneurship contest Concours Force Avenir  http://quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/QTRimous0203.html

The Cegep of Vieux Montréal and the Cegep of Saint-Laurent have contributed to some QT50 parts production technique.

The Cegep of Saint-Jean sur Richelieu had contributed to the QT75 parts production technique.

The Département de génie mécanique de l'École Polytechnique de l'Université de Montréal has contributed to the QT400 market study intended for ULM applications (Ultra Light airplane). Contact Mrs. Jozée Lapierre.

DOE-NREL has been looking at simulation of 6 Quasiturbine vehicle concepts, as example shown at www.ctts.nrel.gov/analysis

Air Liquide Canada has been one of our sponsors of pneumatic nitrogen demonstrations.

The most important world invention convention:  Le Salon International des Inventions, des Techniques et Produits de Genève (Switzerland) has used the Quasiturbine technology from 1997 to 2002 as a model of innovation at: www.inventions-geneva.ch/gb-index.html

More to Come...