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Name It ?

Quasiturbine, Quasi-turbine, Qurbine, Quasiturbino, Quasiturbina,
Quaseturbina, Quaziturbine, Casiturbina, Cuasiturbina, Kasiturbine,
Квазитурбина, Kvaziturbina, Kvasitubiini, ×¼ÎÐÂÖ ...

A Family Endeavor

Since before1990, the Quasiturbine Technologies have been a family endeavor:

Roxan Saint-Hilaire MBA Berkeley, has an electrical engineering degree from École Polytechnique de Montréal (Québec), and works Technical Leader for a US west coast firm involved in making microchip design program tools. Hold a MBA from University of California at Berkeley

His brother Ylian Saint-Hilaire M.Sc. has a master degree in Computer Science at Université du Québec à Montréal, and works as senior researcher for an major multinational computer chips maker on the US west coast.

The father, Gilles Saint-Hilaire is a thermonuclear physicist with some spare time to support his kids' creativity. All three are professional airplane pilots, and computer literate.

Françoise Saint-Hilaire, the mother, has a master's degree in literature from the Sorbonne (Paris). She contributes to all major decisions and handle the administrative organization.

Invention Nationality

Quasiturbine Technologies are:

  • Québécoise and Canadienne, because one of the inventors has ancestral origin from Québec.
  • French and European, because one of the inventors has ancestral origin in France.
  • American (USA), because 2 of the inventors are citizen of the United States of America.

No individual or country should be excluded from a fair access to these technologies.

Meets the inventors

Not easy and not frequently. However, the inventors occasionally give local Montreal conference, demonstration and training.
See: http://quasiturbine.promci.qc.ca/QTDemonstration00.htm

Quasiturbine Agence

The Quasiturbine Agence of Montreal is the International Quasiturbine Promotional Agent, and the inventors intervene exclusively through this agency. This Agency is not a manufacturer, neither a supplier or seller of engine.

Quasiturbine Tronçonneuses

Is a manufacturer under a privileged QT-Rotors supply license agreement, of the present Quasiturbine QT.6LSC research prototype series, which are not commercial products as yet... Later, some of these products may be transferred to other more appropriate manufacturers.

Disclaimer and rights

See: Legal Notice