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(Mr.) Roxan Saint-Hilaire, MBA Berkeley

Personal Information

Languages: French & English
Working permit: Canada, US & Europe


Computer Languages : C, Pascal, Visual Basic, SQL, OpenGL,

Software :       Windows, UNIX, C Shell, DOS, MS-Word, Excel, Access, Viewlogic,
                         Pspice, Mathlab, Mentor Graphics, Frontpage, Publisher, Power Point

Security :          A.S.P. Construction Security attestation
                        Ambulance Saint-Jean first aid course

Others :           Machine shop tools (lathe, drill, chain saw...)

Scholarships :    Royal Canadian air cadet, 1993
                       Pilot scholarship (St-Jean sur Richelieu Military base)

Prices :            Montréal Chamber of commerce, 1993
                       Student selected as (leader of tomorrow)

Academic results : Generally between 80 et 85%


Roxan is a Website publishing and Internet assistant. He has been working with Internet and computer applications for the last five years, both as part of his formal education and as a personal passion. For 7 years, he was also a member of the Canadian Air Cadets situated in Bagotville, Borden and Saint-Jean, Québec. From 1981 to 1984 he lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean with his family. In 1991 he was selected by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce as one of the "Leaders of Tomorrow". He has interest to develop new invention. High interest for sport: hockey, ski, golf...

Professional experience

AE Director (California)
2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, California 95134, 408.943.1234
From May 2007 -

Silicon Image - Manager ASIC Verification Designer Group
1060 E. Arques Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94085

From January 2004 to May 2007

Paradigm Works - ASIC Verification Designer
One Corporate Drive, Andover, Ma 01810    987-824-1400 Fax : 987-824-1401
March 2003 to January 2004

Tropic Networks Inc., Katana Ontario -  ASIC Verification Designer 
From March 2001 until March 2003

PMC-Sierra, Inc. Katana Ontario - Verification engineer
From Mars 2000 until February 2001

Extreme Packet Devices Inc. Katana Ontario - Verification engineer 2000
(On March 3th 2000, PMC-Sierra, Inc. announces acquisition of Extreme Packet Devices, Inc.)

Matrox Graphic Inc. Dorval Québec -Test engineer 1999

Implemented computer applications and systems for various small
business clients;

Performs Web searches on particular topics for marketing and research
and development purposes;

In summer 1997, a stay in industrial computer development department at the Philips TV manufacturing plan in Dreux France (9000 TV per day!);

Engineering Project : Conception and simulation (Viewlogic, PSpice) of a driver unit, timer and switching circuit needed to control a step motor.

In summer 1998, development and test of software for portable database (using SQL request) for GEMPLUS, a world leader in the field of intelligent cards, and electronic money;

Final engineering work 1999 on ultrasonic waves propagation into human tissues at Hôpital Notre-Dame de Montréal.

Since 1997, co-webmaster of the site

Member of society

COPA - Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (#1502417)

Potential member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec

Association des Pilotes de brousse du Québec

Seminar presentation

Août 1997 - Société Philips France. Présentation d'un Logiciel de gestion d'assemblage finale.

IRH (Québec Hydrogen Research Institut - UQTR) - February 18, 1999. Conference intitle : "La Quasiturbine, un moteur rotatif qui surpasse les moteurs à pistons, tout en répondant aux critères de l'hydrogène".

September 28-30 1999 - The Quasiturbine is presented at SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) SAE Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition, (Wisconsin, USA)


Ylian Saint-Hilaire et Al¸ [1996], Canadian and American patent entitled :
(Patent USA  6,164,263 -  See the USPTO data base or 8pagesQTPatent.pdf)
(Internet Site :

The Concept of Quasiturbine engine, December 1998 - Saint-Hilaire et al. - Dépôt légal à la bibliothèque nationale du Canada.

September 1999 collaboration - The engineer (and technical editor) Mark Fletcher has published an interesting analysis of the Quasiturbine concept in the September 1999 issue of the "European Automotive Design" magazine. This analysis is completed in the October 1999 issue of the "Eureka Innovative Engineering" magazine.

May 2001 - Co-author of the book entitled : La Quasiturbine écologique, le meilleur du piston et de la turbine (300 pages)
PROMCI Éditions, Montréal 

June 2002 - Roxan, Ylian, Gilles et Françoise Saint-Hilaire - La Quasiturbine, un moteur qui réconcilie "efficacité et environnement" synthesis article published in La Maîtrise de l'Énergie juin 2002

US Patent 7,092,360 Monitor, system and method for monitoring performance of a scheduler,092,360.PN.&OS=PN/7,092,360&RS=PN/7,092,360

2007 Turbo Expo Conference / IGTI — International Gas Turbine Institute / ASME — American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Quasiturbine - Low RPM High Torque Pressure Driven Turbine For Top Efficiency Power Modulation

Other professional interests

Professional airplane pilot - Canadian and American (FAA) license
(Multi engine, land and sea, Instrument flying rule IFR Groupe 1, IATRA)
PPC (Pilot proficiency check) on Cessna 310R and Cougar GA7

Co-inventor and promoter of the
Brevet Canada CA 2,192,714 Déc. 1996
US Patent Quasiturbine AC (With carriages) USA  6,164,263 Dec. 1996
US Patent Quasiturbine SC (Without carriage) USA 6,899,075 Feb. 2003
Feb. 2003 - World Patent PCT WO2004070169
European Patent Office no. 03815671.7

Associate owner of the internet server

Hobby and other interest

…                 Aviation, Hockey, Ski, Swimming, Golf.

1988-95        Member of the 555 Maple Leaf Cadet squadron.

1981-84        Part of a family cruise on a sailboat in the Caraïbes.

avioninetcon14k.JPG (14195 bytes)

Mt Whitney (4421 m), California USA 2012.07.05

Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak (5895 m), Tanzania 2011.06.12


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MBA University of California in Berkeley
B. App. Sc. (Electrical Engineering) Polytechnique Montréal

Cadence - Technical leader
2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, California 95134, 408.943.1234


Career Goal

                             Hardware modelling and verification


Personal Summary

  • Strong knowledge of Specman, Vera and Verification Methodologies.
  • Over 3 ½ years of ASIC Verification Experience.
  • Highly adaptable to new challenges and a quick learner.
  • Ideal work environment is a tight, dynamic, energetic team.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Specific Skills

Hardware description

·         Verilog, VHDL

Eda Tools

·         Verisity Specman Elite (e language)

·         Synopsys Vera

·         VCS, Virsim, Covermeter

·         CVS, Perforce, Defect Tracker

Operating Environment

·         Unix, Windows, Solaris

General Tools

·         Ms-Office Suite, Visio

·         Emacs

·         C, Perl, Unix Shell, Pascal


·         French and English (Written, Spoken)


Relevant Work Experience

March 2001 to December 2002

Tropic Networks Inc. (Start up in Ottawa, Canada )

Position: ASIC Design Verification Engineer


·          Verification Leader of a 2 Million Gates block part of a 3 Million Gates ASIC (Switch Fabric Chip for Metro Area Network)

·          High contribution to defining the strategy and architecture of the test environment with Specman Elite

·          Elaborated and specified the test plan for the block I had responsibility.

·          Coding of several Verification Components for the test environment using Specman (Bus-functional models of many proprietary high speed interfaces, Traffic Generators, Monitors, Reference Model, Scoreboards)

·          Responsible of building the Verilog test bench

·          Coding of random and directed Test cases, Test Scenarios

·          Coding of all functional coverage defined in test plan

·          Managing regressions of my block : running tests; measuring functional coverage and code coverage

·          Worked closely with Designers to determine root cause of RTL bugs

·          Actively mentor junior engineers who contributed to the block test environment

·          Responsible of tracking RTL bugs using Defect Tracker

·          Contributed to the verification of a Fibre Channel to Ethernet Frame mapper FPGA using Specman

·          Participated in the Product Integrity testing of the Tropic Networks product

December 1999 to March 2001

Extreme Packet Devices (Acquired by PMC-Sierra in March 2000)

Position: ASIC Verification Engineer


·          Member of team verifying a new generation Traffic Management Solutions for OC-192 (3 ASICs chipset)

·          Part of team responsible of the verification of the Scheduler ASIC (1 Million Gates) using Vera

·          Highly involved in all aspects of design verification: directed and random testing, test code generation, test plan documentation, test bench and behavioural model development (Vera), verification infrastructure maintenance and support

·          After the ASIC verification effort was finished, I joined a team to create a test bench for system level tests with Vera (3 ASIC designs running in one environment)

May 1999 to December  1999

Matrox Graphics Inc. (Montreal)

Position: ASIC Verification Specialist


·          Member of the ASIC Verification Team  developing leading edge graphic processors

·          Behaviour modeling using VHDL

·          Coding in C

Summer 1998

GEMPLUS (Montreal)

Position: Software Testing

·          Validate ODBC Driver used to interface with a database in a smartcard

·          Write test plan

·          Execute test plan in C

Summer 1997

Philips Electronics (FRANCE)

·          Created Visual Basic application with MS Access and SQL that would help engineers to develop more efficient assembly lines for Philips televisions



1995 to 1999

·         Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Bachelors in Electrical Engineering)


Recent Training

2001 – 2002

·          Jump Start in Verification using Specman Elite (training provided by Qualis)

·          Expert Verification Strategies for Broadband Datacom using Specman Elite (Qualis)

·          Verisity Functional coverage Seminar


Recent Hobbies


·          Travel, Golf, hiking, team sports

2001 – 2002

·          Member of the Tropic Networks Softball team

·          Member of the Tropic Networks Hockey team

1995 – 2002

·          FAA and Canadian Commercial pilot license with Multiengine, night and sea ratings


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