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Quasiturbine Tronçonneuses (Chainsaw)

This corporation manufactures and sales the present Quasiturbine 600 cc and 5 litres pre-commercial series... Later, some of these products may be transferred to other more appropriate manufacturers.

At this time, the Quasiturbine Chainsaw is open to private financing, as described on the Quasiturbine Chainsaw Surveypage.

Other Quasiturbine technologies could as well be considered for private financing.

Investor relations

To discuss investment opportunity in one or more of the Quasiturbine technologies, please contact:

Gilles Saint-Hilaire, président
Quasiturbine Agence
2804-3535 Ave Papineau
Casier/Code/Porte 2804,
Montréal Québec H2K 4J9 CANADA
(514) 527-8484  

Quasiturbine Agence

Quasiturbine Agence is the International Promotional Agent for the Quasiturbine technologies, but none of the Quasiturbine technologies is presently hold by a publicly founded corporation.