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Cost is an indirect measurement of energy content of products.
Application advantages could be as precious as intrinsic engine ones.
Quasiturbine is most economical in use, maintenance, resources and environment.

Quasiturbine Economy

More Than an Engine

The Quasiturbine is much more than an engine. In reference to conventional engine technologies, each Quasiturbine can be considered as a package comprising as well :

  • An engine per say (Compatible with a variety of fuel, including hydrogen, and with a preference for cheap low octane gasoline in photo-detonation mode, also possibility of a lubrication free engine).
  • An energy saver of at least 20 %, which represents thousands of dollars saving on the engine life.
  • A vibration damping system of extreme efficiency, which totally reduces the discomforts (think at chainsaws, motorcycles, RV's or boat's generators, transportation vehicles, propeller planes ...).
  • A noise attenuation device several time superior to conventional systems.
  • A high performance gearbox (8 to 10 % additional savings) having no weight (other saving having less weight to transport).
  • An high performance anti-pollution system (non catalytic), giving considerably more reduction of the NOx level than conventional system.
  • An anti-gravitation system (well said !) reducing the weight of the engine-flywheel-shaft-gearbox assembly (without flywheel) by about 70% compare to conventional pistons engine.
  • A densification system, reducing by more than 50% the engine-flywheel-shaft-gearbox assembly volume, which leaves more space in the vehicle  for other uses.
  • An extra-acceleration capability, which offers a more nervous engine to recreational vehicle operators (be careful!).

These overall characteristics would be out of reach from conventional technologies, and have direct and indirect positive economic impacts on the Quasiturbine product.

Manufacturing cost

Several years ago, manufacturing cost was much higher for non flat or cylindrical components, which is not anymore the case with the today's modern digital tooling equipments. The Quasiturbine has much less components that any other engine concept (no gears, no valve...), and nowhere there is a higher requirement in material or manufacturing technology. Consequently, all the prerequisites are satisfied for lower production cost in comparable moderate or high series production lines.

Global Economic

Not only the Quasiturbine is less expensive to manufacture and to sale, but because its numerous unique characteristics, it generates savings in:

  • Application integration design and process;

  • In use, by direct efficiency improvement;

  • In co-lateral damages due to vibration;

  • In maintenance and expected engine lifetime;

  • In reducing weight and space;

  • Environmental measures and concerns.

As an example, in the automobile industry, a car fuel saving over the first 5 years is likely to exceed the cost of the Quasiturbine itself. This is essentially like offering consumers a car with a free engine!

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